Artists at the Digital Borders


Project Phase 01
July 2021 – Interviews

IVC joins research fellowship In collaboration with the artist collective Anti-Customs Enforcement ACE funded by the Cross Culture Program CCP of the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen IFA from Germany.

Under the title “Artists at the Digital Border”, IVC as host organization in Lebanon is curating several interviews, round tables, and workshops with various Lebanese artists working in conjunction with international reciprocates in order to collect testimonies and research data to accumulate into writing a manifesto concerning artists’ mobility and digital borders.

The research group is now conducting semi-public interviews “Salons” with artists from several countries around the world, talking about the relationship between the body and the virtual: How the artist’s body encounters borders in the virtual; the use of technology in art vs. physical presence; border crossing and how it affects the artistic practice.

Research Team

Christoffer Horlitz
Humboldt University, Germany

Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde
The New School, United States / Nigeria

Ella Hillström
The New School, United States / Sweden

Joe Elias
The International University of Beirut, IVC Lebanon

Hassan Choubassi
The International University of Beirut, IVC Lebanon

Guest Artists

Tarek Mourad (LB)
Jamila Al-Yousef (PS/DE)
Alexandre Paulikevitch (LB)
Noah Hellwig (SE)
Hiba Najem (LB)
Teresa Braun (US)

Salon 01 – 30.07.2021

Guest Artists: Tarek Mourad (LB) / Jamila Al-Yousef (PS/DE)

Artists at the Digital Border | Salon 01 | 30.07.2021

Salon 02 – 12.08.2021

Guest Artists: Alexandre Paulikevitch (LB) / Noah Hellwig (SE)

Artists at the Digital Border | Salon 02 | 12.08.2021

Salon 03 – 26.08.2021

Guest Artists: Hiba Najem (LB) / Teresa Braun (US)

Artists at the Digital Border | Salon 01 | 30.07.2021

Project Phase 02
October 2023 – Workshop/Manfiesto

The Glitch Border Manifesto Workshop
A one-day workshop where artists, activists, and world-makers meet to challenge the borders that hinder artists and their artistic expression. Through exploration, glitching, and manifesto-making. The aim is to counter both, developments in global border technologies and the way artists are able to shape their world around them.
Initially, a gathering is convened with the aim of delving into the process of identifying and acknowledging the barriers that impede artists and creatives from unfettered self-expression, thereby releasing their transformative potential into the world. The objective is to contemplate the significance of methodology in cultivating novel insights and knowledge. The gathering participants intend to adapt and incorporate artistic methods and aptitudes, thereby enabling them to perceive boundaries through a distinct lens, ultimately emancipating themselves from the epistemic constructs that initially gave rise to these boundaries.
Secondly, the focus shifts towards a contemplation of various alternate realities, aimed at envisioning a fresh world order transcending the limitations of the present paradigm. Through these imaginative explorations, a series of (hypothetical) objects will be conceived and meticulously designed. These envisioned creations will intentionally introduce glitches and disturbances into the prevailing boundaries that divide individuals, fostering a more profound exploration of diverse potential world orders.
Drawing upon these discerned insights, a concerted effort will be made to formulate a manifesto. This manifesto is intended to serve as a unifying voice that reaches out to and establishes connections among artists from various continents, disciplines, and thematic concerns.

Intrested in joining the workshop?

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20 October 2023, 10am – 6pm
Haus der Statistik
Alexanderplatz, Otto-Braun-Straße 70-72
10178 Berlin