Administrative Board

Hassan Choubassi Ph.D
Founder /Director

Hassan Choubassi is a visual artist born in Beirut in 1970 holder of a PhD. in Communication Media from the European Graduate School, Switzerland 2014 with a thesis on the politics of mobile connectivity, “The masses: from the implosion of fantasies to the explosion of the political”, he also holds a Masters degree in Scenic Design from DasArts in Amsterdam 2005, and a BA in Fine Arts from the Lebanese American University 1996. He is currently the founding director of the Institute of Visual Communication (IVC).

He has several research studies in the field of communication media, digital and information technology in arts, augmented reality, new media in urban context, anthropological and intercultural city mapping, mobile media, alternative education, new modes of perception for university students.

His art projects including ‘Oeuvres Bacchiques’ 2000, ‘Barcode’ 2001, ‘Written Visuals’ 2002, ‘I am not the others’ 2003, ‘I am elsewhere’, ‘Lost in the city’ 2004 and ‘Beirut metro map’ 2005 were presented in Beirut, Cairo, Amsterdam, Milano, New York, London, Belgium and Spain.

His video works: ‘In the void’, ‘Freefall at 180’. ‘The Other Orange’ 2005, ‘Talk to Me’, ‘Well and Surviving’ 2006, ‘I am the all Knowing the Deceased’ 2008, ‘Dismantling a Weapon of Mass Destruction’ 2008 were screened in Beirut, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hamburg, Luxembourg, Seoul and Copenhagen.

Joe Elias
/Associate Director

Based in Beirut, Joe Elias is a full time volunteer in diverse art disciplines in and around the city.

After completing his studies in visual design at the Notre Dame University (NDU) in 2001, he started working as a visual communicator, art director, and consultant with local / international agencies and clients around the Middle East. His skills include -but are not limited to- publication, typography, branding, animation and digital design. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Education in Educational Management (M.Ed.), expected to be completed during summer 2018, with an emphasis on arts and music education.

In 2005, Elias co-founded “nimslabs”, a multidisciplinary design laboratory operating in Beirut (lb) and Cologne (de). The portfolio of “nimslabs” is diverse and encompasses communication work for both cultural and corporate entities, including international dance, cinema and music festivals, NGOs, filmmakers, as well as TV stations, banks, in addition to local and international brands.

In 2007, Elias joined the International University in Beirut (LIU/BIU) as a lecturer and juror. He helped institute curricula covering conceptual design, communication art, fundamental studies, animation, branding and typography. He has also organized symposiums, workshops, seminars and research presentations on both the undergraduate and graduate level. He is currently Coordinator of Graphic Design Affairs and Associate Director at the Institute of Visual Communication. In addition to his activities at LIU, Elias was invited as a guest speaker at the Lebanese University (LU) on numerous occasions; he is also a TED speaker.

In 2013, Elias co-founded “onomatopoeia – the music hub”, a non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of musical culture in the Lebanese community. His work with onomatopoeia has resulted in the creation of a self-funded cultural space, hosting various music-related projects. These include the music skills development program (MSDP), an educational program allowing individuals from various walks of life to study and exchange music knowledge. Elias has organized music talks led by local and international musicologists, and curated numerous musical performances encompassing a wide variety of genres, from traditional Arabic folk music and jazz to electronic and experimental music.

Sahar Sharara
Media & Communication Manager

Sahar Sharara is a coordinator, a full-time university instructor and a freelance journalist. She gives training workshops on Specialized Communication, and consultations on Image Building and Media Relations.

She has been working at the Lebanese International University where she advises, teaches, and designs courses and helps shape curricula since 2005. Her teaching experience goes back to 2001. She has taught classes in the departments of: English and Translation, Public Relations, Journalism (at the Lebanese Univbersity’s Faculty of Information and Documentation, and the center of Translation and Languages there.

Her journalistic experience is tri-lingual with articles published in French, Arabic and English in the Lebanese local publications and in regional print. She follows cultural events, especially music and theater. She earned a Masters in Journalism jointly from the Lebanese University (Lebanon), and Universite Paris 2 Pantheon-Assas, CFPJ and IFP (France). The focus of her thesis was on the environment.

Sahar also completed the Master’s requirements in Linguistics, a Bachelor’s in Language, and a Teaching Diploma in Special Education at The American University of Beirut. Sahar is active on the Lebanese scene for Public Affairs as well as social injustice. She is a member of Manchette Media Association.

Tarek Mourad
Board Member

Tarek Mourad is a Brazilian-Lebanese multi-disciplinary artist that dedicates his practice to photography, printmaking, painting, sculpting and drawing. Most of his work tackles the relationships within a society and space-time. Represented in Lebanon, Brazil and Norway, his work provokes by diagnosing the defects that affect our day-to-day lives.

Mourad co-runs Beirut Unified Studios fomenting the practice of printmaking in all mediums, analog photography and performance. He is also a part-time lecturer at LIU – Lebanese International University where he teaches graphic design and art foundation courses.