The Institute of Visual Communication (IVC) at the International University of Beirut (BIU) is a space for academic research and study in the field of visual communication ranging from fine arts, graphic, interior, fashion, digital, and product design to media, animation and motion picture. The IVC work is in correlation with the BIU research centres.


Artists at the Digital Border

Artists at the Digital Border

The Institute of Visual Communication (IVC) is collaborating on a research fellowship with the artist collective Anti-Customs Enforcement ACE, funded by the Cross Culture Program CCP of the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen IFA in Germany. Artists at the Digital...

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Politics of the Machine – Call for Topics

Politics of the Machine – Call for Topics

The Institute of Visual Communication (IVC) launched the first call, a call for topics, for its upcoming international conference “Politics of the Machines” on Thursday, October 18th, 2018. Titled “Art/Conflict”, POM Beirut 2019 in its second edition will be hosted by...

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Artists at the Digital Border

IVC joins research fellowship In collaboration with the artist collective Anti-Customs Enforcement ACE funded by the Cross Culture Program CCP of the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen IFA from Germany.

Under the title “Artists at the Digital Border”, IVC as host organization in Lebanon is curating several interviews, round tables, and workshops with various Lebanese artists working in conjunction with international reciprocates in order to collect testimonies and research data to accumulate into writing a manifesto concerning artists’ mobility and digital borders.

Our Jerusalem

When the Zionist movement published the “Visit Palestine” poster in 1936 it was part of propaganda to recreate a myth of the promised land to encourage the Jewish of the world to immigrate to Palestine. It was promoting an image of Palestine as an empty land, “A land without a people for a people without a land”, they wanted to convince the world that Palestine was uninhabited, denying the existence of an urban Palestine and also denying a Palestinian culture, in a way effacing any traces of civil Palestinian society and selling the idea that Arabs are nomads.

Politics of the Machines - Beirut 2019

The POM-conference addresses the politics of the machines and the inescapable technological structures, as well as infrastructures of artistic production in-between human and non-human agency with critical and constructive perspectives. Where and when do experimental and artistic practices work beyond the human: machine and human: non-human dualisms towards biological, hybrid, cybernetic, vibrant, uncanny, overly material, darkly ecological and critical machines? 

Beirut Mon Amour

To unfamiliarize the familiar in a comprehensible approach of a city as illogical as Beirut, certainly is a step beyond mass production of false iconography and nostalgic history. Beirut is mon amour, a beating heart of multidisciplinary scholars determined to discuss a conceptual perception of Beirut. Surely the recovery of the past, the destruction and the near future interpretation are all influential when delineating the capital portrait. Between the outer necessity and the inner necessity, Beirut remains mon amour.


Digital design is expanding to become an entity sailing its own course in parallel to graphic design and other disciplines. Designing for digital forced new alliances between designers, developers and a new breed of contributors called user experience / user interface designers. Ux.Vd.Dev. digital design symposium tends to examine and analyze closely the process of work executed today in the digital sphere by hosting three experts in their respective fields.

The Institute

The IVC is to provide an academic space for interdisciplinary research, studies and documentation around a wide array of subjects in arts and design. The IVC is committed to draw attention to visual communication and its influential capacity on humanity. It strives to organize complementary activities throughout the year, such as lectures, seminars and workshops along with specialized training programs. Furthermore, it induces the International University faculty members to obtaining higher academic ranking through research projects.

The IVC helps in achieving excellent standards of quality research in design and design education by keeping pace with rapidly changing technological climate and prepare creative and technical faculty for global standards and new challenges acceptance.

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